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Auto Expo 2023: Tata Motors introduced petrol version of Tata Curve SUV; see details

Tata Motors introduced its stunning-looking SUV car, Tata Curve, at the ongoing Auto Expo in the country. This Tata car can be seen in the market soon because the company has presented it in front of the media even once before. But, now, it has been introduced with the ICE engine with more preparation.

The company has retained the Tata Curve SUV as a coupe concept. But the car (Tata Curve) still sports a futuristic design with SUV coupe-like styling. At the same time, there is a feeling of sporty design when looking at it from behind. A grille surrounds the slim LED lamps. While its raised sloping roofline at the rear gives it the feel of a sporty SUV.

The interiors of the Tata Curve are similar to the electric variant, with a minimalist vibe and twin screen. Despite the sloping roofline, there is plenty of space in the car. At the same time, this car will be included in Tata’s list of premium SUVs. The special thing is that this car will be placed above Tata’s current flagship car Tata Safari.

The car’s overall design is quite attractive. At the same time, a new turbo petrol will be given in this car, serving as a base for the upcoming SUV cars. Tata will bring both these cars in 2024. In which both electric and petrol versions will be present.


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