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Royal Enfield Confirms New Platforms along with the latest models

More than 82,000 units were sold last month, according to Royal Enfield, which claimed its most significant monthly sales ever. The Meteor 350, Classic 350, and Interceptor 650 from RE’s most recent line of bikes will rank among the top 10 best-selling models in the UK in 2022 and India. When the Hunter 350 motorcycle was recently debuted, consumers responded overwhelmingly.

The current lineup of bikes from Royal Enfield is built around three air-cooled engine platforms: 349cc single cylinder, 411cc single cylinder, and 648cc twin cylinder. At EICMA 2022, the company also displayed the Super Meteor 650. The manager of RE’s European business, Arun Gopal, stated in an interview with MCN that “The scope will expand. Currently, it’s challenging to provide specifics, but new platforms and versions will be released.

We’re soon going to be expanding our present platform. We will be in a very, very different scenario in the following 12 months; I can assure you of that. He continued. The Super Meteor 650, Shotgun, and other 650cc-powered motorcycles will all be available soon from Royal Enfield. The New Himalayan 450, a single-cylinder 450cc off-road vehicle, and the next-generation Bullet will be available.

On Indian roads, the company is now testing a new lineup of motorcycles. The new 350cc J platform from RE, which also supports the Meteor 350, Classic 350, and Hunter 350, serves as the foundation for the next-generation Bullet 350. In addition, RE is creating a brand-new 450cc engine base for the upcoming Himalayan off-roaders.

Royal Enfield Super Meteor 650 India

The new Super Meteor 650 will debut in India at Rider Mania this month, and a launch is anticipated for early 2019. It is available in the Standard and Touring versions. The new motorcycle is powered by a 648cc parallel twin-cylinder engine that generates 47PS and 52Nm of torque. A slip-assist clutch is included with the six-speed gearbox, which handles transmission tasks.

The first Royal Enfield motorcycle with a USD front suspension. The motorcycle sports dual-channel anti-lock brakes and 320mm front and 300mm rear disc brakes (ABS). The bike has 100/90- and 150/80-section tyres mounted on 19-inch front and 16-inch rear wheels.



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