Kinetic Engineering Ltd is about to launch the moped in the electric version soon. Kinetic Engineering Limited (KEL) has started production of chassis and other assemblies for the electric avatar of Luna.

The company says that the production of Luna electric mopeds will be 5,000 per month. KEL Managing Director Ajinkya Firodia said in a statement that we expect this business to grow by more than Rs 30 crore annually in the next 2-3 years as the volume of e-Luna will increase. This will also help KEL to increase its presence in the EV segment. The Luna, at its peak, was selling over 2,000 units per day, which I am sure will do very well in its new avatar.

According to the company, exactly 50 years ago, the Luna was launched for just Rs 2,000, making it one of the most affordable vehicles. Due to the reasonable price, Luna quickly became the most popular moped in the country. There was also a time when the company used to sell 2000 units of moppet daily. At that time, Luna alone held a 95 per cent market share in this category. Now the company has the same expectation from the electric segment as well.

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