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ZS EV Patent Leaks, 2023 MG Astor Facelift: Creta, Seltos Rival

MG ZS EV Facelift patent photos show that the gasoline-powered Astor will receive similar changes.

Tata Motors is the current leader in the battery-powered vehicle market, but MG has established itself. MG is second to Tata Motors in the top 10 electric car manufacturers, with only the ZS EV. It recently underwent a redesign, and the business released the base Excite variant.

Our ICE sibling, Astor, is on the other end of the continuum. It competes with other small SUVs, including the Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos, and similar models. New photographs from the land of the dragon have surfaced, showing concept art for the impending MG ZS EV/Astor Facelift.

It has undergone a significant facelift since its debut. The initial facelift involved a thorough nip and tuck. It had a redesigned bumper, a closed-off grille, and sharper headlamps. Still, the general appearance of the face was highly similar.

Leaked ZS EV Patents, 2023 MG Astor Facelift

However, the intellectual property photos of the second facelift show numerous modifications at the front that go far beyond a simple nip and tuck. First, the MG ZS EV Facelift has an entirely new face that is much crisper and differs from the previous model. Through the addition of a new front fascia, it creates a distinct identity. However, the charging socket’s front grille placement appears to have moved.

The redesigned headlamps have a chrome accent with slight vertical lines, making them even more svelte. The facelifted vehicle no longer retains the preceding model’s closed-off grille aesthetic. A modest cooling air dam and a seamless bumper with a mesh effect are below this metallic addition.

Simulated air vents, which have been installed with this updated facelift, weren’t present in the previous facelift’s lower bumper. The MG emblem was at the centre of the false grille, now mounted to the bumpers. The older iteration does not have access to all of the ADAS functions that the Astor does. Its lower bumper has a square panel that will hold the radars and sensors needed for ADAS.

Details and Specifications

With the exception of the new aerodynamic wheels, the side profile is almost unchanged. Although interiors have not been made public, there have been rumours that the MG 4 EV may have served as enthusiasm. Expect a clean, straightforward design with a sizable touchscreen without buttons or knobs.

The preceding model’s 50.3 kWh battery and single motor, which produces 174 horsepower and 280 Nm, is expected to remain. The release timetable is yet unknown. These modifications would likely be implemented in China before moving to ASEAN nations and India. These adjustments are quite likely to be applied to Astor as well. Meanwhile, MG plans to increase the number of EVs it offers in India by introducing the Air EV, a micro-EV that will probably debut at the 2023 Auto Expo.

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