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Xiaomi MS11 Electric Car Photos Leak Viral on Social Media Before Debut

Electric cars can also be introduced by Xiaomi, a Chinese company that manufactures many electronic gadgets like mobiles and TVs. According to media reports, even before the debut of the company’s first electric car, photos of the EV were leaked on social media.

According to media reports, preparations are now being made to bring the electric car from Xiaomi. A photo of the car has been leaked on social media, and it is claimed that this photo is of Xiaomi’s upcoming electric car.

The photo is going viral after being leaked on social media. Its design is inspired by many cars. At first glance, the car also looks like the seal of BYD. LED headlights have been given in the car. Apart from this, the car is seen with a dual-tone scheme. Aerodynamics have also been taken care of while designing the car. Due to this the range of the car is expected to be better. Apart from this, information about other car features has yet to be revealed.

It is also being claimed in media reports that the company’s first electric car has been seen several times during testing in China. Also, the company can launch this sedan electric car first in China. After this, it will be introduced in some countries, including Europe.

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