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Xiaomi electric car seen during testing; see the details

Xiaomi has announced that it will spend more than $10 billion on planning, manufacturing and developing electric vehicle operations over the next 10 years. If media reports are to be believed, Xiaomi’s first electric car could be in the sedan or SUV segment. Xiaomi’s smartphone lovers are hopeful that Xiaomi’s first electric car will soon be seen on the roads.

Two electric vehicles are purportedly being developed by the Chinese tech company Xiaomi; a picture of one of the models has leaked. The electric automobile is camouflaged in this photo, which was taken during a road test of the vehicle. But it makes sense that it will be a sedan. According to media sources, this forthcoming Xiaomi electric vehicle will compete with the Model 3 vehicle produced by American automaker Tesla.

According to reports, the base model, code-named Modena, will include a variety of Continental sensors, including a five-millimetre-wave radar and camera. Le men, Xiaomi’s second electric vehicle, will be on sale in 2025 and will be a more expensive model.

An 800 V high-voltage platform with the Qilin battery from CATL, which can charge from empty to 80 per cent in just 15 minutes, will be present at Le Mans. This model will be equipped with Nvidia’s Orin X chip, which will be connected to LiDAR and Xiaomi-developed algorithms.

According to reports, the first of two upcoming electric car models from Xiaomi could be launched for RMB 300,000 (roughly Rs. 36.37 lakhs), which will take on the Tesla Model 3 electric car in the market. Claims have also been made in the report that this upcoming model will be more powerful and extensive than the Tesla car.

Xiaomi hasn’t announced the price yet, but the company is currently looking at RMB 260,000-300,000 (around Rs 31.5 lakh to Rs 36.37 lakh) for the base model and RMB 350,000 (around Rs 42.5 lakh) for the top model.

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