Toyota is preparing to launch the new generation Innova in the Indian market on 25 November. It will be called the Innova Highcross and is expected to be sold alongside the Innova Crysta. It will be the top model in this line-up. This is because the Innova Highcross is a more premium car.

Toyota has released a new teaser of the Innova Highcross, which shows the hood, grille and headlamp design. It has been said in the teaser that the SUV styling inspires the Innova Highcross. It can also be seen in the teaser image that the new Innova looks exactly like the Fortuner SUV. The Toyota Innova Hycross is built on an entirely new chassis, which is expected to be a monocoque frame. Using a monocoque chassis means that ride quality, handling and body roll should improve.

How will the design be?

The front grille of the Innova Highcross is similar to that of the Corolla Cross, which is being sold in the global market. The design of the headlamps is similar to that of the current-gen Fortuner. The hood also has a muscular design with creases. It makes sense that Toyota decided to design the Innova Highcross as an SUV, given the high demand for SUVs. This is not the first time a manufacturer has designed an MPV with an SUV-like design.

Can you get a hybrid engine?

Toyota will launch the Hycross with only a petrol engine, but the special thing will be that it is expected to be equipped with a strong or mild hybrid system. Currently, the current model of the Innova Crysta is being sold with only a petrol engine as Toyota is no longer accepting bookings for the diesel engine. The company has now decided to discontinue Innova Diesel completely.

Will mileage also be better?

The Innova Hycross will be front-wheel drive, which means there will be no transmission tunnel, thereby increasing the foot space for the rear occupants. There will be no drivetrain loss, as power is not transferred to the rear wheels. Also, fuel efficiency should be better as the Innova Highcross is expected to be sold with mild-hybrid or strong-hybrid powertrains.


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