Toyota has brought its Innova MPV in a new avatar. It has been named the Innova Hycross and will be launched in India on 25th November. It has been introduced in Indonesia, revealing all the features of the MPV. It can be sold in India only with the Innova Crysta. In such a situation, many people want to know what has changed in the new Innova compared to the old one.

Here we will compare these cars from size to engine and features.

Toyota Innova Highcross vs Innova Crysta: Dimensions

The Innova Highcross has been kept slightly bigger without changing much in size. The Innova Highcross has a length of 4,755mm, a width of 1,850mm, a height of 1,795mm and a wheelbase of 2,850mm. The Innova Crysta has an altitude of 4,735mm, a width of 1,830mm, an elevation of 1,795mm and a wheelbase of 2,750mm.

Toyota Innova Highcross vs Innova Crysta: Exterior

There is a lot of difference in the looks of both vehicles. The Highcross has a new type of grille, which comes with a honeycomb pattern. The headlights are also slim and wraparound. Latest Car News Now comes with a complete LED setup. The front bumper of the Innova Highcross gets a slim air intake just below the grille, which houses the LED DRLs. An attempt has been made to give the Innova Highcross an SUV-like look.

Toyota Innova Highcross Vs Innova Crysta: Engine and Transmission

Changes are also seen in the engines of both vehicles. The Innova Kistra comes with a 2.7-litre petrol engine, though the 2.4-litre turbocharged diesel engine was discontinued sometime back. In Innova Hycross, the engine has been brought in two options – a 2.0-litre petrol unit and 2.0-litre strong hybrid petrol.

Toyota Innova Highcross vs Innova Crysta: Interior

The interior has been completely changed in the new Innova compared to the old one. The most significant change is the free-standing touchscreen and the AC vents below it. The Crysta gets a touchscreen in the dashboard’s centre, flanked by the AC vents. The gear lever is integrated into the dashboard in the Highcross, getting an analogue and a digital instrument cluster. While the gear lever was placed on the floor in Innova Crysta, and an analog instrument cluster was available.

The Hycross gets a new type of steering wheel, completely different from the Crysta. Another significant difference is the panoramic sunroof found on the Highcross. The Hycross and Crysta get AC vents for the rear passenger seat, though they are window mounted in the Highcross and roof-mounted in the Crysta.


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