Altroz CNG:

During the Auto Expo, Tata launched the CNG variant of its best-selling hatchback Ultraz. A 1.2-litre three-cylinder Revotron-inspired aspirated petrol engine powers the car. The company has launched several variants of the vehicle in CNG. The car’s speciality will be its mileage, running 28 km in one kg of CNG. Will give a range of (Photo courtesy Overdrive)

Punch CNG:

During the Auto Expo, Tata also launched the CNG variant of its small Nexon micro SUV Punch. The car had a twin-cylinder system, which had a capacity of 60 litres. At the same time, both cylinders have been fitted into the vehicle so that there is no damage to the boot space. The car’s mileage is 29.8 km in one kg of CNG. I will give a range of

Toyota Urban Cruiser Hybrider:

The CNG variant of the Toyota Highrider, built on the Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara platform, has also been launched. The car will be based on the same powertrain as the Vitara and Brizza. Toyota has launched mild hybrid, power hybrid and CNG variants of the vehicle. Car mileage is 26 km on 1 kg of CNG. Who will remain

Brezza CNG:

During the Auto Expo, the CNG version of the Maruti Brezza was also unveiled. In the automobile, nothing has changed. The CNG version will also come with a mild hybrid powertrain. The engine will have a 1.5 litre, 4-cylinder capacity. However, its power and torque will be lower because it runs on CNG. In terms of distance, it is also 26.3 km. I’ll provide mileage per kilogramme of CNG.


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