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This season, Hyundai will release the revamped Verna and Ai3 micro SUVs.

The new-generation Verna car was supposed to be unveiled by Hyundai at the 2023 Auto Expo, but that didn’t transpire. Additionally, the business is putting the finishing touches on a new compact SUV with the internal codename Ai3, which will compete with the Tata Punch. Before the season is through, Hyundai will introduce these two brand-new vehicles.




On Indian highways, the newest Verna has often been seen in testing mode. According to reports, Hyundai accelerated the manufacturing of the redesigned Verna since the new Creta’s introduction was postponed until 2024. The new model will be larger and share aesthetic elements with the Elantra sedan with worldwide specifications. The larger size will enable Hyundai to increase interior space.


The new-generation Verna will be dressed in the brand’s parametric jewel design grille, full LED headlights, fastback-styled bodywork with a slanted top, and bifurcated headlights. The latest design will have a totally different appearance with a dual-screen interface for the instrument cluster and one for multimedia. a gasoline engine




Prior to Diwali, over the holiday period, Hyundai will introduce the new Ai3 compact SUV to the nation. The Tata Punch and the Nissan Magnite, among others, will be competing alongside the upcoming prototype. The forthcoming Hyundai Ai3 has reportedly been sighted in South Korea, however evaluation of the revamped vehicle has not yet begun there.


The Hyundai K1 prototype, which already supports the Hyundai Casper, will serve as the foundation for the upcoming Ai3 SUV. Spy photos, nevertheless, show that the SUV will be very dissimilar from the Casper. It will resemble the Venue small SUV in terms of appearance. It will probably be slightly broader than the standard model, with a wheelbase of about 3.7 to 3.8 metres.


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