The Mahindra XUV700-inspired flat-bottom steering column and twin-screen design of the upcoming Hongqi HS5 will be available in China shortly. The HS5 SUV, which will be unveiled in China in the next months and have a market valuation of about RMB 1,85,000, has received official photographs from Hongqi (Rs. 21.65 lakh). The compact SUV is now in its first iteration, and the brand-new design allows for significant interior and exterior alterations. The HS5 underwent internal alterations using an adaptive process. It implies that the Mahindra XUV700 served as its model. Physical buttons are no longer used in contemporary luxury vehicles as a huge display multimedia unit makes an appearance and allows for the majority of modifications.


The second-generation Hongqi HS5 has a big display with a touchpad, an automatic digital gauge panel, and a flat-bottom steering column, similar to the XUV700, but with significant distinctions in the instrument cluster and dash. Relative to the preceding edition, the all-new SUV boasts a twin-screen structure, a new user interface, and updated air conditioning.


Mechanical controls have taken the place of the temperature control panel, which is the reverse of how it will be in contemporary vehicles. The larger centre console features its own capacitive buttons and a flexible gear selection. Dual inductive charging panels and a hidden cup holder compartment are additional features offered by Hongqi. The cabin’s dual-tone blue and white design blends in nicely with the design’s overall upscale appearance.


About 28 hp greater performance is produced by the turbo engine than by the old mill. Also improved is the gearbox, which has gone from a six-speed to an eight-speed AT. A wider grille component with several perpendicular chrome grille slats and the Hongqi “Red Flag” finish are among the changes made to the appearance.

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