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The Toyota Mirai Fuel-Cell Vehicle: Exhibit at the 2023 Auto Show.

An entire chamber of hydrogen will allow the second-generation Mirai to go 640 kilometres.


At the present Auto Expo 2023, Toyota has displayed the second-generation Mirai hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicle (FCEV). However, it has already been introduced to India before. In March 2022, the automaker began a demonstration study to assess the vehicle for India.


Toyota Mirai FCEV


The second-generation Mirai, which is the vehicle on display here, was introduced worldwide in 2020, six years following the first version. The GA-L rear-wheel-drive architecture, upon which the Mirai is designed, has enabled The company to repurpose the fuel-cell stack and powertrain parts. Additionally, it can accept up to three hydrogen cells, which helps it extend its extensive portfolio.


The hydrogen fuel cell arrangement in the Mirai produces 174 horsepower, and it claims to have a 640 km operating endurance.


A catalyst-style filter installed in the intake manifold, according to Toyota, allows the Mirai to purify the air as you operate. An electromotive force on the non-woven primary clarifier, which is used to replenish the fuel cell with air, traps tiny contaminants comprising sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrous oxides (NOx), and PM 2.5 nanoparticles.


The new Mirai, which has sleek appearance, a low stance, and a rear that resembles a coupe, follows an entirely unique layout than its forerunner.


The inside has also undergone a total revamp, with the 12.3-inch horizontal interface taking the limelight. Three-zone passive cooling, a heated steering wheel, heated and vented upholstery, a head-up projection, and a plethora of ADAS technology are all included in application of the Mirai.


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