The Hyundai i20 N Line’s gorgeous design, which emphasises driving experience, is supported by a large range of amenities and deserving top-of-the-line enhancements. Well over a year earlier, Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) released the i20 N Line on the Indian marketplace. One of the top sellers in its category, the sporty variant of the upscale subcompact really delivered! The i20 is certainly a head-turner, but the N Line variation raised the bar even higher in terms of appearance and other features.


The Hyundai i20 N Line is available in the top-tier N6 and N8 derivatives. It is packed with characteristics and innovations, and the exterior design tops them all. The i20 N Line differs from the conventional i20 in that it has interior and aesthetic upgrades, as well as some technological changes and a sportier thunderous exhaust.


The i20 N Line draws layout cues from Hyundai’s championship-winning WRC race cars. It has a more streamlined innovative bumper, N Line manufacturer on the predominant grille that is shaped like a checkered flag, assertive bonnet creases, a new set of 17-inch dual-tone diamond cut alloy wheels with juxtaposition red callipers, and a stark comparison roof finish.


Along with a redesigned bumper, dual exhaust tips, and a fake rear fascia, clients will also receive these features. Similar to the numerous exterior improvements, the cabin also receives a plethora of changes, significantly setting it apart from the basic model. The cabin decor is all-black, and there are N Line-specific embellishments throughout.


To significantly enhance the sporty appearance, one would acquire distinction seat piping, N Line highlights on the gearstick and multipurpose steering wheel, leather seats with a checkered flag layout, and contrasting red interior accents. A seven-speaker Bose luxury music unit, a 10.25-inch HD smartplay infotainment system with navigational and BlueLink networking, as well as support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, are all included in the Hyundai i20 N Line’s feature list.


Its reputation as the best racing vehicle in terms of aesthetics and efficiency in its group is enhanced by the firmer adjustment for better handling and the sharper thunderous tone. When you’re driving, the extremely dynamic chassis comes in useful, and the improved braking ability and general maneuverability make you smile widely.


With an estimated fuel economy of 20 km/l for the conventional model and 20.25 km/l for the DCT, it is also practical, which is even more significant. In addition, Hyundai offers Wonder Warranty plans with complimentary BlueLink access and three years of maintenance support. Additionally, customers will have a huge spectrum of colour options, including Fiery Red with Black Roof, Thunder Blue, Titan Grey, Fiery Red, Thunder Blue, and Polar White.


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