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The penultimate DBS model is the Aston Martin DBS 770 Supreme.

The coupe and flexible versions of the DBS 770 Absolute will indeed total 499 copies.


The DBS 770 Ultimate, unveiled by Aston Martin, is a significantly improved version of the company’s beastly V12 magnificent tourer and a tantalising declaration of purpose for the brand’s next supercars. Before shipments begin in the late summer, the 300 coupe and 199 retractable versions of the Aston Martin DBS 770 Ultimate, which will have a longer manufacturing run, have all been sold out.


Engine upgrade for the Aston Martin DBS 770 Supreme


The strongest ferocious Aston Martin to date is the brand-new DBS 770 Ultimate. Its 769 horsepower puts it much ahead of the 725 horsepower of the ordinary DBS. Even the 8-speed ZF transmission has undergone adjustments to improve transmission of a staggering 900Nm (available at just 1,800 rpm) to the rear suspension and to enable faster changes.


More powerful road vehicles have recently rolled out of Gaydon, including the 847 horsepower Aston Martin Victor coupé and the 1,176 horsepower Valkyrie hypercar, although they were extremely costly and restricted in supply.


The additional performance of the 5.2-litre, quad-cam V12 powertrain is mostly due to a % boost in turbo compression, adjustments to the air and combustion routes, and meticulous tinkering with the horsepower and potential distribution curves. In coupé form, Aston claims to have a 0-100kph sprint time of 3.2 seconds and a peak performance of 340 kph.


Technical modifications 


Similar to the equally amazing Aston Martin Vantage V12 introduced last year, the addition of more performance coincides with a significant chassis and transmission upgrade intended at improving engagement and improving performance.


For instance, all four adaptive dampers have been re-calibrated to provide effective performance without sacrificing tumbling smoothness (Aston aimed to maintain the DBS’s long-distance appeal). Aston claims that the new solid-mounted steering column allows the driver to experience a more accurate interaction with the road.


Aston also asserts that a stronger replacement cross member has increased the front-end flexibility by 25%, and that a wider rear undertray has increased the rear-end flexibility by 3%.


Modifications to the appearance and inside


The operated DBS is distinguished from its normal sister by an extreme aesthetic modification that also serves certain functional purposes, much like the substantially upgraded Aston Martin DBX 707. While a completely created splitter, improving aerodynamic efficiency at the front, is flanked by a pair of bigger new air vents that promote circulation and pay homage to the previous-generation DBS, a sizable horseshoe-shaped bonnet vent improves engine cooling.


Other significant alterations from the original DBS comprise a number of carbon fibre body parts, a custom rear diffuser, and new 21-inch wheels inspired by the Victor and Valkyrie.


Less drastic changes have been made to the inside, but it still includes laser-etched DBS 770 Ultimate appearance package, top-tier leather and Alcantara sports seats, and unique colour splits for the cabin decor and stitching.


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