In the WLTP cycle, the MG Mifa 9 can go up to 440 kilometres on a mono charge and boasts a 245 horsepower and 350 Nm automatic gearbox. 


The pricing of the updated Hector and Hector Plus were revealed by MG Motor India today at the 2023 Auto Expo in Greater Noida. A number of the British auto manufacturer-powered models, including the MG4 rechargeable convertible, MG5 electronically controlled station waggon, and Mifa 9 luxury electric MPV, are making their local debuts during the biannual car show’s inaugural mainstream media session.


Particularly, the MG Mifa 9 attracts a lot of emphasis for its simple configuration that satisfies the accommodation requirements of the mainstream readership and is also jam-packed with amenities. Inside and out, it does have an upscale atmosphere, and in classic MG flair, it is innovation. Multiple international equities are offering the MIFA (Maximum Intelligent Friendly Artistic) 9 MPV for purchase. Under the collapsible hood, the erect frontal appearance is composed of a substantial diagonal light bar that spans the whole expanse of the car. The conspicuous vertical enclosures for the LED illuminating equipment flank the broad central air intake, and the MPVs luxury appearance is furthered by the chrome accents.


The boxy hatchback is covered by a small LED tail lighting component at the back, and the rear fender also has metallic accents. The MG Mifa 9 had a suspension measurement of 3.20 metres, an approximate measurement of 5.27 metres, a width of 2 metres, and a height of 1.84 metres. Its dimensions are more than those of the Kia Carnival and Toyota Innova Hycross, by reference.

MG is presently debating whether to launch the Mifa 9 in the local industry, and the level of enthusiasm displayed by consumers at the upcoming Auto Expo will be a key factor in that choice. It has a 245 horsepower and 350 Nm electric motor, which is powered by a 90 kWh battery pack. Its peak speed is 180 kmph, and a complete recharge gives it a commuting endurance of 440 km.


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