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The MG Extender-based Electric Pickup Truck officially launched, with a capability of 330 kilometres

 The LDV eT6 has a sole electric generator that produces 174 horsepower and 310 Nm and is powered by an 88.55 kWh power supply unit. 

Australians refer to pickup trucks as “Utes,” among the most desirable vehicles. Pickup vehicles are prevalent in South-East Asian economies. In Thailand, one such people carrier is the MG Extender, renamed a Maxus T60 Max pickup truck in specific regions. Due to Maxus being a flagship brand in Australia, this is offered as a ute via the LDV brand (Leyland DAF Group). 

In Australia, the LDV T60 is offered with a single 2.8L turbocharged diesel engine. This station wagon has since produced an electric variant known as the LDV eT60. It costs AUD 92,990. (approx. Rs. 51.27 lakh on the road). The regular T60 prices approximately AUD 41,042 (roughly Rs. 22.62 lakh on the road) and AUD 47,884 in Australia (approx. Rs. 26.4 lakh on the road). 

Is India a potential consumer for a battery-powered sport utility vehicle based on the MG Extender? Is it necessary for MG to export at least its ICE Extender pickup to India? Let us explore.

 Australia launches the MG Extender-based electronic pickup truck.

 LDV eT60 offers an 88.55 kWh battery pack in exchange for its asking price. It does not compete with American battery-powered pickup trucks from Rivian, Ford, and GM. The eT60 has a mild engine, so this may be par for the norm. Regarding powertrains, the back wheels are powered by a single generator. 

The engine has 174 horsepower (130 kW) and a potential output of 310 Nm. The top velocity is limited to 120 km/h. The eT60 appears to be underpowered compared to the Maxus T60 Max, which has a 2.0L dual diesel power unit that produces 215 horsepower and 500 Nm of performance. Furthermore, the eT60 weighs 2,300 kg, whereas the ICE equivalent weighs 2,150 kg.

 The eT6 delivers mobility of 330 kilometres on a mono charge (WLTP cycle). AC and DC rapid charging are both compatible. The AC adapter can charge up to 11 kW in 9 hours from a 3-phase connection. CCS2 charging socket supports up to 80 kW of DC rapid charging. Charging time is substantially reduced, with 20% to 80% charging requiring around 45 minutes. 


The MG Extender-based electrified pickup truck eT60 is well-equipped for the price. Single-zone air conditioning, automated headlight, intermittent wipers, electronically controlled front seats, microfiber seating, and other luxuries are available. The multimedia system includes a 10.25″ touchscreen with Apple CarPlay, a rearview camera, and four speakers. 

Six airbags, ESP, braking aid, hill decline and climb assist, stability control, 17″ alloy wheels, LED DRLs, LED tail lights, and more are included. ADAS technologies are not used. India is not known for being a pickup country. Having stated that, we have a choice between two pickup vehicles. The first is the Isuzu V-Cross, while the second is the Toyota Hilux. 

They both have a propensity for charging too much for what they provide. MG will not be delivering its Extender or an electric variant comparable to the LDV eT60 to Indian shores anytime in the foreseeable future.

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