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The luxurious MPV MG Euniq 7 features MG’s hydrogen powered technology.

At the current Auto Expo 2023, the seven-seater hydrogen fueling tank electric automobile (FCEV) premium MPV decided to make its premiere in India. The design is marketed as the Maxus Euniq 7 in international countries. It is the sole commuter FCEV currently in operation at the SAIC, the corporate corporation of MG.


The Euniq 7 has dimensions of 5225mm in length, 1980mm in diameter, and 1938 mm in height, with a 3198mm chassis. The MPV showcases the FCEV mankind’s cutting-edge capabilities.


The MG Euniq 7’s propulsion configuration consists of a 92kW fuel cell pile coupled to a 201bhp persistent magnetic power source. It has three hydrogen canisters, totaling 6.4 kg in volume. The containers inflate in three to five minutes after the hydrogen is contained at a pressure of 70 MPa. The Euniq 7 MPV boasts an endurance of up to 605 kilometres when the tank is full (on NEDC cycle). Read – Prices for the 2023 MG Hector Facelift Will Be Announced at the 2023 Auto Expo


The carbon fibre stabilisers in the combustion chambers can resist extreme temps of 842 degrees Celsius. It’s fascinating to note that the mechanism can also function at very low temperatures (as low as -30 degrees C).


According to the firm, the minimum celsius has no effect on its spectrum. The Euniq 7 MPV has a peak speed of 150 kmph and can sprint from 0 to 50 kmph in 4.9 seconds. The seven-seater premium MPV from MG emits water vapour, which is supposed to act as a portable air filter, just like the conventional hydrogen FCEVs.

A big 12.3-inch complimentary smartplay infotainment panel, a digital dashboard panel, a magnificent sunroof, automated temperature regulation, and numerous other perks are included in the MG Euniq 7’s interior. The premium MPV has sophisticated driver outreach technologies (ADAS), anti-lock brakes, computerised power steering, etc. on the security aspect. The vehicle has been made available in 6 and 7-seat options all around the world. The captain chairs are located in the middle row of the 6-seater variant.


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