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The debut of JEM TEZ and EV STAR CC by Jupiter Electrical

Innovative e-LCVs, including 2 tonne and 7 tonne electrified infomercial automobiles, are introduced at Auto Expo 2023 by Jupiter Wagons Ltd.


At Auto Expo 2023, Jupiter Electric Mobility (JEM) increased its economic representation for infomercial electrified vehicles. Unveiled were the JEM TEZ, a 2.2 tonne GVW automobile, and the EV STAR CC, a 7 tonne GVW engine. The Jupiter Wagons Ltd (JWL) affiliate has established significant alliances/partnerships with provincial and international businesses that focus on the EV industry.


These alliances have improved the brand’s competitiveness. In India, JEM wants to dominate the industry for promotional electrified automobiles. To do this, the business intends to make use of its partners’ knowledge. and provide clients with cutting-edge, dependable automobiles.


Prototype EVs from Jupiter Electrical

The 180 km range of the Jupiter JEM TEZ 2.2 tonne on a solitary possession. It has an efficient energy propulsion and a high-voltage architectural layout. LTO/LFP rechargeable with quick charged LTO composition operate the EV. Jupiter advertises a power supply life of 10+ years and offers a 2-lakh buyback up to 6 years. The battery has a five-year guarantee. It comes with a 7-inch widescreen multimedia system with Telematics capabilities for real-time surveillance. The stated endurance of the Jupiter EV STAR CC7 tonne is 250 kilometres on a complete recharge. It is a specially designed, multi-purpose EV. The rechargeable batteries unit is meant to withstand at least 2,500 refuelling periods.


CEV manufacture from start to finish

Jupiter Electric Mobility (JEM) intends to produce the cars from beginning to end there. also set up maintenance amenities in important regions. This will aid JEM in meeting the needs for a smooth client encounter after-sales. The business will first concentrate on the penultimate transportation sector in significant metro areas. The e-LCVs will first target the significant metros of Mumbai, Delhi-NCR, Pune, and Bangalore, focusing on the last-mile distribution requirement.


With over 200 acres of academic land, JEM has industrial plants in Jabalpur, Indore, and Kolkata. Engineering for vehicle components and large-scale production are their areas of expertise. Their technologically advanced methods and knowledgeable employees provide them an edge over competitors. They want to provide a full selection of electric vehicles, including buses, LCVs, MCVs, and HCVs. JEM is prepared to have a substantial influence on the economy with its carefully thought-out and robustly manufactured CEV solutions.

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