Have you ever thought the electric car could also be charged with a diesel generator instead of plugging the conventional charger into the socket? If you think he’s kidding you, you should check out the video of Sinto Antony, who has performed this feat. Antony has charged his Tata Tigor EV with a diesel generator.

Sinto Antony has shared a YouTube video where he is seen charging his Tata Tigor electric car with a diesel generator. He also shared the charging process, explaining how to charge the EV from the generator. Although it is not a good idea to charge an EV with a generator, it can come in handy in an emergency. However, you will have to carry a bulky generator in the boot.

Sinto travelled a long way before its electric car, which included climbing on the way. After this, he started charging his EV with the generator. He placed the generator on the surface and, first of all, established the earthing. Sinto used a metal rod and buried it in the ground.

After that, a secure connection was established between the generator and the EV, for which the Tigor EV charger was connected to the 3-pin plug on the diesel generator. As seen in the video, the charging process started adequately, and no warnings were displayed on the OBD of the car. However, charging the EV with the generator took a lot of work.

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The video shows that the battery charging processor started when the car’s SOC (state of charge) was at 26%. After one hour of charging, the SOC went up to 36%, which means a mere 10% increase. Sinto says that despite the slow charging speed, it is a convenient solution in emergencies.



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