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Supercar ‘Mada 9’ introduced in Afghanistan, know its speciality

Auto Expo 2023 is being organized in Noida in our country, where various vehicle manufacturers have introduced more than one new model. Meanwhile, a supercar has been showcased in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan. The name of this car has been kept as Mada 9. This car has been designed jointly by 30 engineers of Afghanistan Technical Vocational Institute (ATVI) and ENTOP Studio. It is the first supercar model in the country.

The development of the Mada 9 is currently in its prototype stage, which has taken engineers more than five (5) years to build. Toyota’s 1.8-litre DOHC 16-valve VVT-i engine has been used in this car. This is the same 4-cylinder petrol engine that was used in the 2004 model of the Corolla sedan. In this Toyota car, this engine generates a power of 166 to 187 hp. However, some modifications have been made to this engine for Mada 9, but the information still needs to be received.

There needs to be more information about when the Mada 9 will be launched. But it will be sold first in Afghanistan only. After that, it will be launched in the global market.

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