The 1.0L turbine iMT models (Sportz Turbo and Asta Turbo) have been dropped by Hyundai Motor India from the list of i20 subcompact models. The Sportz and Asta trims of the hybrid powertrain will now come with a 7-speed DCT automatic gearbox. Along with upgrading the model selection, the automaker raised the Hyundai i20’s pricing by up to Rs 21,500. After the most recent cost of production increase, buyers may get the gasoline subcompact for between Rs 7.18 lakh and Rs 10.91 lakh.


Three 1.0L turbo petrol automated models are offered in the vehicle product line: Sportz DCT, Asta DCT, and Asta DCT those double, each with a market value of Rs. 10.11 lakh, Rs. 11.68 lakh, and Rs. 11.83 lakh. There are four 1.5L diesel modification: Magna ($84,200), Sportz ($92,800), Asta (O) ($10,832,000), and Asta (O) dual-tone ($10,832,000). (Rs 10.98 lakh). The values listed above are all ex-showroom.


Additionally, the South Korean manufacturer has begun developing the Hyundai i20 revamp, which will be seen in early 2022. The frontal portion of the compact is set to experience significant aesthetic modifications, featuring one significantly modified bumper and grille with new inlays. Additionally to the taillamps modeled by the Venue, it may also get redesigned alloy wheels, a redesigned back bumper, and a redesigned boot lid.


The 2018 Hyundai i20 might come with a fresh interior design, new connected capabilities, revised seat fabric, and ventilated front seats. Nothing is anticipated to alter inside. The timetable for its debut is still unknown. The revised version is anticipated to hit the industry in 2024, though.




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