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Quantino Twenty-Five Electric Car runs on the water and gives a range of 2000 KM; know Details here

Today the expansion of the EV market is being seen globally. In such a situation, a lot of development is being seen in the EV industry in the automobile sector. Electric cars are being launched in this industry with all kinds of features. Similarly, today in this post, we will talk about an electric car which has been making a splash in the market since its launch. The name of the electric car is Quantino Twenty-five, which is very special in itself.

Quantino Twenty-Five Electric Car:

The Quantino Electric Vehicle has been in the news for many years. This car is a production-ready model. This car has also been in the limelight because it does not have a battery. That is, this electric car can be run without a battery. Nanoflowcell has developed it in the UK, and it works on bi-ION technology.

With the Biden Inflation Reduction Act in place, the company is set to ramp up production for US markets. In an announcement in December, Nanoflowcell said it was “set to build a large-scale bi-ION production facility, along with series-production of the Quant e-model.”

How does a car run without a battery?

This electric car has been named Quantino Twentyfive. Instead of lithium-ion batteries, Nano-Structured bi-ION Molecules of seawater or industrial water waste are used as fuel. You can run this electric car using seawater or industrial waste as fuel.

Range up to 2000 KM:

This water acts like biofuel; biofuel is non-toxic, non-flammable and non-hazardous; that is, it does not harm the environment. This generates electricity, giving power to the car’s motor. Electric motors have been used on all four wheels in the car. The car can offer a range of 2000 km once the tank is full. Its carbon footprint is negligible, which means it does not cause any pollution.

What will be the Features?

Its features can be seen just like a normal electric car. According to the company’s claim, this car can achieve a speed of 0 to 100 km in less than 3 seconds. Apart from this, the company has yet to share its price and more information.



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