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Pravaig Veer EV for the military is on show at Auto Expo 2023.

With a 90.9kWh capacity, the Veer EV can go approximately 500 kilometres.

The Veer EV, albeit one that is intended for utilisation by the military, has been featured by Pravaig. The EV made its debut in November throughout the Praviag Defy unveiling. The Veer EV’s power supply is said to have a lifespan of more than 10 lakh kilometres, according to the Bengaluru-based start-up.


Panelling: Pravaig Veer


The Veer, which is based on the Defy SUV, has a basic design and merely seems to have roll bars, bonnets, bumpers, and boots as default features. There are no doors on the Veer, making it difficult for soldiers to enter or exit. Pravaig claims that it can also be set up to have a closed-cab configuration, though.


An infrared imagery scanner, airlift hooks, a four-ton winch, a two-ton tow hitch, an IP 65-rated storage space for supplies, and an attachment for tools or armaments are further aspects of the Veer EV. Additionally, the Veer has run-flat tyres.


Pravaig Veer: highlights and ambience


The Veer EV’s interior is extremely simple, with all functionality located on a display that is positioned in the centre. According to Pravaig, the armed services may modify and adapt Veer’s internal design to meet their specifications.


The Veer has six airbags notwithstanding the having a simple cabin and external design. Additionally, it receives a 77GHz radar, responsive LED headlamp equipment, a 360-degree lens with 12 obstacle detection, and a tyre compression measuring mechanism. A HEPA air filter may also be added to closed-cab Veers. A MultiVAC computer system provides the energy for all of these capabilities.


Pravaig Veer: proportions and engine components


A dual-motor setup that distributes propulsion to all chassis powers the Veer. Together, the perpetual magnetic synchronised engines provide 620 Nm of torque and 408hp of horsepower. It claims to have a 0-100kph time of 4.9 seconds and a peak speed of 210 kph.


A 90.9kWh lithium power supply powering is said to have a stated 500 km of endurance. According to Pravaig, the capacitor can be prosecuted from 0% to 80% in only half an hour and can travel more than 10 lakh kilometres.


The Veer EV has dimensions of 4,940 mm in length, 1,950 mm in width, 1,650 mm in height, and a 3,030 mm chassis. It weighs 1,870kg, and Praviag estimates it can pull 2,500kg and carry 690kg of cargo.


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