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Notwithstanding the hefty expense, Mercedes-Benz remains confident in the EQB and GLB

The GLB and EQB are now the highest reasonably priced 7-seater premium SUVs because there aren’t many 7-seater SUVs in the sub-Rs 1 crore pricing category.

The Mercedes-Benz GLB has officially been released in India alongside its electronic twin, the EQB, but both vehicles were imported. They are consequently considerably more premium than even the GLC, which is in a higher sector, in contrast to most of the German automaker’s India line-up, domestically produced.

Mercedes is certain that these 7-seater SUVs are suitable for India, considering their high budget. Santosh Iyer, vice president of revenue and advertising, stated to Autocar India on the eve of the release, “We are quite positive about the volumes. We anticipate these to fill something other than a specific niche. For the record, the GLB costs between Rs 63.80 lakh and Rs 69.80 lakh, while the EQB costs Rs 74.50 lakh (ex-showroom). A few factors should make these models popular in the Indian market, even though the price may seem very costly.

Mercedes Benz GLB and EQB: these are large vehicles.

The dimensions of the GLB and EQB are 100mm more comprehensive than that of the GLA, and they are just substantially shorter than the GLC. Since both versions have a more vertical appearance, they are substantially higher than the GLC. Because of this, they have the impression on the road of a much larger SUV, and size is significant to Indian automobile buyers.

However, it isn’t as big as the GLS, that mostly through recently, was the only other 7-seater SUV available in the Mercedes India inventory. Due to their more usable sizes, the GLB and EQB satisfy the needs of a broader demographic. “The category for premium car consumers in the Rs 50 lakh–80 lakh category is pretty substantial, and what was missing was a 7-seater choice,” claims Iyer. This, in our opinion, should broaden the industry.

7-seat USP for the Mercedes-Benz GLB and EQB

The need for seven seats in the premium car market was another factor that motivated Mercedes to introduce the GLB and EQB to India. Iyer claims that a 7-seater SUV in this price range is becoming increasingly vogue. “Large nuclear households with children, pets, and visiting folks are common in India. These households require a big, roomy car. The GLS is our top model, yet there isn’t a car below it. After considerable consideration, we decided to proceed even though it is an importation.

The GLB and EQB are the industry’s finest economical seven-seater premium SUVs. The Land Rover Discovery Sport, which costs Rs 71.39 lakh, is the only 7-seater SUV in the Rs 50 lakh-80 lakh price category. Mercedes can effectively capitalise on the unmet need in this market due to the absence of direct competitors from other manufacturers.

Although the third-row seats in the EQB and GLB are not the most roomy, they are adequate for teens and increase the vehicle’s versatility.

Numerous powerplant alternatives for the Mercedes-Benz GLB and EQB

Mercedes has all propulsion aspects handled with the GLB and the EQB – a petrol, a diesel, and potentially an electrified – to completely concentrate on the market. We are providing all three powertrains because we have faith in both the commodity and the market, according to Iyer.

He continues, “We realised there are clients who instantaneously want to switch to electrification when we announced the EQS and EQC. Additionally, clients experience a sense of accountability and a condition of consciousness. Due to significantly cheaper licensing fees and municipal taxes for EVs, the EQB will be more inexpensive than the petrol or diesel GLB in many jurisdictions. In other words, on-road prices are likely to be biased in favour of the EV even though ex-showroom valuations may not accurately represent it. Iyer even predicts that “equal takers, if not more, will apply for both the EQB and the GLB.”

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