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Nissan electric sportscar concept to launch tomorrow; Know the details

Nissan has announced that on February 2, it will debut a brand-new sportscar concept. The concept automobile, which would be electric and emphasise zero-emission mobility, is anticipated to manifest the Max-Out design research hinted at in December 2021.

The silhouette of the concept is strikingly similar to the digital-only Max-Out concept, according to a preview of the broadcast posted on the company’s official YouTube page. According to this implication, Nissan has created a real-world version of the concept unveiled in 2021. The brand’s decision to produce a real-world Max-Out vehicle in the midst of its push toward electrification demonstrates its renewed commitment to driver-focused sports cars.

The concert sportscar’s interior looks similar to the Max-Out because earlier photos showed a very basic interior with a squared-off steering wheel and a dashboard-spanning display screen. According to Nissan, more room is available if the passenger seat is folded into the floor.

According to a recent statement made by the Japanese company, the innovative design study would provide a “unique driving experience” with its “superlative stability and comfort,” “tight handling,” and “minimal body roll.” The solid-state battery technology, which will be used in the company’s electric cars starting in 2028, will allow the concept to demonstrate these qualities, according to a recent story from our sister publication Autocar UK.

Senior vice president of research and development for Nissan in Europe, David Moss, stated that “the solid-state batteries could accept quadruple the 130kW charge rate of the Nissan Arya’s lithium-ion pack.” As a result, such recharge speeds enable Nissan to decrease the size and weight of a car’s battery pack without sacrificing usability compared to existing models, significantly improving performance and dynamics.

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