However, Eeco appears to have been enjoying a fantastic run in terms of sales numbers, whilst Maruti Versa (Eeco’s Spiritual predecessor) struggled to do well in sales.

In the sector of 4-wheeler automobiles, the Maruti Eeco has constantly been one of the greatest vendors. Despite being designated as a van, it serves domestic and business needs. According to Maruti, Eeco has a market share of 93%, which is supported by the company’s monthly sales figures of 9,000 units.

Maruti has introduced the 2022 Eeco to establish that it maintains its market-leading position and complies with forthcoming regulatory restrictions like the Real Driving Emissions (RDE) norms. Visually, the vehicle hasn’t seen many alterations, but Maruti has given the Eeco a change of heart and included some extra safety measures.

Modified Latest Maruti EECO with New Upholstery

Technically speaking, the 2022 Eeco has 3,675 mm in length, 1,475 mm in width, and 1,825 mm in height. The elevation of the ambulance configuration, however, is 1,930 mm. It sports a brand-new K series 1.2-liter powertrain beneath the hood, which has replaced the previous G12B petrol engine. The Eeco is available in 13 different variations from Maruti, including 5-seater, 7-seater, Cargo, Tour, and Ambulance body types.

Maximum performance with petroleum as the fuel is 80.76 PS and 104.5 Nm of top performance, whereas it is 71.65 PS and 95 Nm of maximum torque with CNG. The Tour Variation’s advertised fuel consumption for the gasoline trim is 20.2 km/l, and the CNG edition is 27.05 km/kg. The figures reduce somewhat to 19.7 km/l for gasoline and 26.78 km/kg for CNG in the Passenger trim.

While consumer luxury elements aren’t Eeco’s strong suit, Maruti has included new amenities with this upgrade that help Eeco feel a little more contemporary. Eeco now has a brand-new steering wheel and a digitized dynamometer to start. S-Presso and Celerio share both units. New rotary AC regulators have also taken the place of outdated movable ones.

Maruti has replaced the Cerulean Blue shade with Metallic Brisk Blue to improve the external colouration options. Other colour choices encompass Solid white, Metallic Silver Grey, Metallic Glistening Grey, and Pearl Midnight Black.

Costs and resistance

The lowest-priced Tour V 5-Seater configuration is available for INR 5,10,200. The price of the 5-seater Eeco with AC is INR 5,49,200. CNG modifications range in price from INR 6,23,200 to INR 6,65,200 for the Eeco Cargo AC CNG. The total cost of the Eeco Ambulance is INR 8,13,200.

Although Eeco doesn’t have a comparable rival, Maruti could have added power coordinating to some trim levels. Maruti’s uncontested market leader has future-proofed Eeco’s supremacy in the sector for some upcoming seasons by incorporating security measures and a new power generation.


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