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MG Euniq 7 Premium MPV, 605-kilometre endurance, FCEV technology premieres.

The MG Euniq 7 includes a hydrogen fuel tank technology that can deliver 201 horsepower on demand and an endurance of more than 600 kilometres. MG Several fresh vehicles from Motor India’s worldwide lineup were on display at the Greater Noida-hosted 2023 Auto Expo. Some of the variants that have had their regional debuts will soon be available in dealerships, and MG has taken use of the biannual event to get input from prospective buyers, show attendees, and journalists. The MIFA 9 and the Euniq 7, both of which are fuel cell-based MPVs, were on exhibit at the British automaker leased by China’s SAIC.


The hydrogen – powered fuel container in the MG Euniq 7 has a payload of 6.4 kilos and a hydrogen powered technology that can output 201 horsepower when needed. The FCEVs are much more traditional and useful than battery-powered cars since the H2 tank can be filled in a matter of minutes, and the only actual exhaust emissions are water.


Additionally, the innovation used in fuel cell powered vehicles allows long range potential. The MG Euniq 7’s stated endurance is up to 605 kilometres, and the hydrogen fuel container can be replenished in a matter of minutes. The MIFA 9 may be evaluated for a deployment in the near future, whereas the Euniq 7 merely serves as a technological showcase for the company.


However, Toyota also introduced the Mirai and Hyundai introduced the Nexo to the 16th Auto Expo, thus the Euniq 7 does not represent the only FCEV on display there. Furthermore, the seven-seater luxury MPV is packed with amenities and cutting-edge technology, including an entertainment package with a hovering touchpad, ADAS-based driver-assistive and safety systems, a panoramic sunroof, and a completely digital indicator panel.


The MG Euniq 7 has a prominent frontal fascia with several vertical chromium grille slats and extensive use of chrome throughout various components. The concept on show sports a dual-tone colour combination, and a blue horizontal band emphasises its resource efficiency.


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