In the upcoming years, virtually all of Mercedes Benz’s lineup will switch entirely to electrified drivetrains, eliminating the necessity for a distinct EQ line-up.

According to a source, Mercedes-Benz will no longer name its next-generation electric vehicles with the “EQ” moniker when released in late 2024. According to business sources quoted in the German trade weekly Handelsblatt, the branding will be obsolete as Mercedes’ assortment grows more and more electric-heavy. By 2025, the firm promised to produce an electrified version of each model.

Seven Mercedes-Benz pure-EV vehicles are available worldwide: the EQE, EQE SUV, EQS, EQS SUV, EQC, EQA, and EQB. Mercedes-Benz offers the EQB SUV, EQC, and EQS sedan for sale in India. The manufacturer will add an electrified equivalent of the tough G-Class 4×4 and a long-range small sedan based on the EQXX concept to its worldwide line-up over the course of the subsequent two years, bringing its EV range to a level that is approximately equivalent to that of its long-standing conventional vehicle selection.

The term “EQ” is now used to refer to both mild-hybrid and plug-in hybridization vehicles. For the former, it stands for electric motor assistance for the internal combustion engine, while for the aforementioned, it stands for a straightforward electrified locomotive drive.

Mercedes is anticipated to phase out combustion engines in most of its territories by 2030. The notably introduced C-Class is anticipated to remain on the market until 2028, an innovative ignition E-Class is scheduled to make its global debut later this year, and the GLC and GLE, the pair’s corresponding SUV siblings, will both make an ignition comeback for another transition.

According to Mercedes-Benz, it is still crucial to support their diplomatic superstructure of “Lead in Electric” with the brand “Mercedes-EQ.” “With the EQ versions, we confront consumers who feel notably articulated by expanding the definition and imaginative resilience in the profession of e,” the company said.


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