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MBA Chai Wala bought a Mercedes worth 90 lakhs

Prafull Billore, popular as MBA Chai Wala, has become a well-known personality who became famous on social media after his inspirational life story went viral. In the year 2017, this MBA dropout decided to open his tea stand in front of IIM-Ahmedabad, and after that, he never looked back.

Now ‘MBA Chai Wala’ has become a brand name, and many restaurant chains also run. Prafull Billore is again making headlines on social media, and you will also be surprised to know the reason. Billore recently bought a Mercedes worth Rs 90 lakh and shared his happiness by posting a video on social media.

Billore gave this information by sharing a video of himself buying the car on Instagram. In this video, he can be seen buying it with his family at the Mercedes showroom and cutting the cake for the celebration. There is also a text written on the video, like a success mantra: “Billionaire Brothers.MBA Chaiwala.Hold the vision, trust the process..”

This video, shared three days ago, has seen 2.5 million users so far. The clip has also received many likes and comments. A user in the comment section said, “Brother, well done, and congratulations.” Another user wrote, “Congratulations to him for buying this wonderful car.” Apart from this, most of the users have increased them.

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