Mahindra has already launched the 4X2 version of the famous Thar SUV for off-roading in the country. Whose initial ex-showroom price are 9.99 lakhs. The company has brought this variant for people who will not use this car for off-roading. The Mahindra Thar 4X2 and the Mahindra Thar 4X4 are visually similar. That’s why many people need to understand which SUV variant would be better for them to buy, 4X2 or 4X4.

Both versions of the Thar look similar, but one can spot the difference by looking at the badging. The 4×2 badging has been given on the rear of the newly launched variant of Thar. While the old Thar gets 4X4 badging. You have to look at the side profile to identify the variant of this vehicle.

Externally, the Thar are identical, and there is no difference. The ground clearance and other exterior details remain the same in the 4X2 and 4X4 versions of the Thar. Both vehicles get 18-inch alloy wheels and all-terrain tyres.

Both models share the same dashboard layout and seating layout on the inside. But the new Mahindra Thar 4X2 RWD gets a cubby hole in place of the gear shift lever compared to its 4WD version. The Mahindra Thar 4X2 RWD gets front and rear armrests as assist equipment. The USB charging port also provides cup holders and the rear armrest. Interior features like the touchscreen infotainment system, aircon vents and controls are similar to the Mahindra Thar 4X4.

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