Domestic SUV maker Mahindra has introduced two new electric SUVs and a hypercar. The company has introduced the XUV.E9 and BE.05 SUVs in India. Apart from these, the Battista hypercar was introduced by the Mahindra-owned Italian luxury car company Pininfarina.

Mahindra XUV.E9

The XUV.E9 is an electric SUV from Mahindra. Its design has been kept like a coupe and is a completely electric SUV. There is no such SUV in the company’s current portfolio, which has a design like this, but according to media reports, it is being described as the electric version of the XUV700. Mahindra’s new twin peak logo has been given on the SUV from the front. Along with this, LED DRL and headlights have been given, and gloss black cladding has also been used.

Mahindra BE.05

The second electric SUV, BE.05, has also been introduced by Mahindra. The company is presenting it as a rally SUV. All Terrain Tires have been given in it so that this SUV can run on any road. Round LED headlights have been shown in its bumper, and thin LED DRLs have been given above it. From the front, it looks very aggressive and has skid plates at the bottom. Like the XUV.E9, it also uses gloss black cladding. The carrier has been fitted on the roof, which can carry luggage along with the spare tire, and LED lights have also been fitted on the carrier for more illumination.

The electric hypercar also introduced.

The Battista hypercar has also been introduced in India by the Mahindra-owned company Pininfarina. This hypercar is an entirely electric car. Its biggest feature is that it takes only 1.86 seconds to reach the speed of 100 kilometres from zero. At the same time, this car takes only 4.75 seconds to go from zero to 200 kmph and reaches 300 kmph in 12 seconds. Its top speed is up to 350 kilometres per hour. The best sports cars with ICE can also go from zero to 100 kilometres in five seconds. This feature of Mahindra’s Batista electric hypercar makes it the fastest legal street car in the world. Earlier, this record was in the name of Rimac Navara, which can accelerate from zero to 100 km in 1.95 seconds.

The car gets a 120 kWh battery pack to run up to 476 kilometres after a full charge. In this, the company has installed four electric motors, which give the car a power of 1900 horsepower. Carbon fibre has been used to keep the car light. The company will make only 150 units of it. Its cost is also around Rs 19.45 crore.

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