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Know when Xiaomi’s electric car will come to India?

Every day new research is being done in the electric car market. All the world’s major tech companies are also engaged in this work. Now another name has been added to it. That name is of the legendary Chinese tech company Xiaomi. Xiaomi has patented a new battery for its next electric car.

According to the report, the automobile division of Xiaomi Corporation has filed the patent. The company has patented a new power battery technology which will be used in its electric car. According to Gizmochina.com, the talk of Xiaomi making an electric car has been going on for a long time. Later, the company itself announced this and talked about creating a separate automobile unit. More than 500 engineers are engaged in research work in this unit. It is expected that by the middle of 2024, the first model of this car will come in front of the world. But, before any official announcement about the car, a new patent regarding the power battery surfaced. This power battery will be installed in Xiaomi’s car.

According to the patent documents, several rows of cells have been made in this power battery. It has many liquid cooling plates, liquid inlet, and liquid output components. Along with this, there are liquid cooling plates on both sides of the row of each cell. All this technical information shows that the company has made such a battery whose self-life will be more than the existing batteries and will also be safer.

This battery is expected to be used in the company’s upcoming car. However, industry experts are only speculating about this. The company has not given any official information about this.

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