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Innova Hycross will compete with XUV 700, Tata Safari and MG Hector Plus in the Indian market

Recently Toyota’s new Innova Highcross has been introduced in India. It will compete with cars like XUV700, Safari, and Hector Plus in the country. The Innova Highcross, being an MPV, is as expensive as a premium SUV. Therefore, the MPV profile of the Innova Highcross gets hidden compared to these cars. The car is aggressive from the front, which is quite different from the company’s Fortuner SUV.

So today, we compare it with Safari, Hector Plus and XUV700.

Dimension comparison

The Innova High Cross has a maximum length of 4,755 mm for these four cars. While the size of the Hector Plus is 4,720 mm, the length of the XUV700 is 4,696 mm, and the length of the Safari is 4,661 mm. On the other hand, the Innova Hycross is 1,845mm wide, the Safari is 1,894mm, the XUV 700 is 1,890mm, and the Hector Plus is 1,835mm. The Hycross MPV is the tallest, with 1,795mm, while the Safari stands at 1,786mm. The Hycross gets the most extended wheelbase of 2,850mm, while the XUV 700 and Hector Plus get a wheelbase of 2,750mm and the Safari gets a wheelbase of 2,741mm.

Engine comparison

The XUV700 and Hector Plus only get a petrol engine option, while the Highcross gets a robust hybrid powertrain with a 2.0-litre TNGA petrol engine. This engine produces 171.6 bhp power and 205 Nm torque. It gets a CVT gearbox. Powered by a strong hybrid powertrain, the car produces 183.8 hp of power and 206 Nm of torque. This option gets an e-drive with a sequential shift gearbox.

The XUV700 gets a 2.0L TGDi petrol engine, which produces 197 bhp power and 380 Nm torque. Along with this, a 2.2L CRDi diesel engine is also available in it, which generates a power of 182 bhp and torque of 420-newton meters. Both manual and automatic options are available in this car.

The Safari gets a 2.0L diesel engine producing 168 bhp and 350 Nm of torque, which is mated to an automatic and manual transmission.

MG Hector Plus has a 1.5-litre turbo petrol engine. This engine produces 141 bhp power and 250 Nm torque. It also gets a 2.0-litre diesel engine option. This engine produces 168 bhp power and 350 Nm torque.

Features Comparison

Talking about the features, the XUV700 is the only car to get a dual 10.5-inch display. MG Hector Plus gets a 14-inch portrait touchscreen. At the same time, only the ADAS system is available in XUV 700 and Hycross, which can be seen in updated versions of Safari and Hector. The XUV 700 only gets the option of all-wheel drive.


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