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Initially Impression Walkaround: Accessible Boot Space for the Maruti Grand Vitara CNG

If the initial expense of Rs. 95,000 and the smaller boot capacity are not an issue, CNG provides inexpensive operational expenses over the extended term.


Following the Duster becoming extinct, the Indian small SUV market was left without a vehicle that stood out from its competitors. The AWD technology that the Duster offered in the past was unexpectedly effective due to its agility. AWD was a feature that no other compact SUV provided, and the Duster was a true hobbyist car.


The bestsellers on purchasing statistics are Creta and Seltos. There is little special to contribute but capabilities, with the exception of a tech-savvy and lengthy attribute. Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara and Toyota Urban Cruiser Hyryder excel in this regard. They have three specialities that no other small SUV provides. AWD, powerful hybrid technology, and now a CNG dual-fuel alternative.


Grand Vitara CNG 

The Delta MT and Zeta MT models for the Grand Vitara are available for Rs. 12.85 lakh and Rs. 14.84 lakh, respectively (both prices ex-sh). Now that we have a next walkaround of the Grand Vitara, we can observe how the CNG alternative impacts leg room and luggage bearing capabilities. In case you were wondering, CNG propulsion systems only come with moderate hybrid power plant choices. Intellectual Hybrid versions of strong hybrid vehicles are devoid of CNG. Furthermore, manual gearbox is the sole choice available for mild hybrid models with CNG bi-fuel possibilities; automated movement is hardly an alternative. Finally, CNG models do not have AWD.

There are no external alterations other than a CNG sticker on the windscreen. Other than that, there are no obvious clues to distinguish CNG variations. There are several advantages to having CNG machinery that is manufacturer installed. They are referred to as S-CNG and include two interconnected ECUs. Stainless steel connectors and pipelines offer increased safety by preventing corrosion and leaks. Similar to how the main wire harness is integrated, all wiring harnesses are integrated. Additionally, a micro switch prevents the car from starting while CNG is being refilled. S-CNG filling takes place next to the gasoline loading facility. Maruti employs modified rear suspension for vehicles with S-CNG in order to balance off the weight increase. The primary disadvantage of CNG automobiles is their inability to carry much luggage.


Details and Characteristics 

The indicator conglomeration of Maruti Suzuki S-CNG versions features an independent fuel pressure metre. A separate handle is available to convert amongst CNG and gasoline. The 1.5L Dual Jet, Dual VVT K15-C engine produces 136 Nm and 101 horsepower while running on gasoline. If initial expense and reduced boot room are acceptable trade-offs, CNG is the way to go for an extra Rs. 95K above ICE-only competitors.


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