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Fastest Charging EV in the World: This electric vehicle gets charged in 15 minutes; see details

Due to the increasing demand for electric vehicles, vehicle manufacturers are engaged in making better electric vehicles. In collaboration with Exponent Energy, commercial vehicle maker Altigreen has recently introduced a new variant of its three-wheeler electric cargo vehicle. The company is claiming 15 minutes for its complete charging.

Altigreen and Exponent started developing fast-charging technology for electric vehicles in August 2022. This partnership has prepared its first vehicle, neEV Tez. In this, Exponent has used a proprietary liquid-cooled battery, which can be charged from 0-100 km in just 15 minutes when charged on E-pump (with 600A current). The company claims this vehicle to be the world’s first fastest-charging vehicle. It has a power range of 85km in the city on a full charge, while it can deliver a power range of up to 98km when going out of town.

Ultigreen has priced its electric three-wheeler cargo vehicle at Rs 3,55,000. Also, the company offers an 8.2kWh battery pack in its new neEV Tez variant. It features Exponent’s proprietary battery manufactured with regular LFP cell chemistry. The company gives a fantastic warranty of five years or 1.56 lakh kilometres on the battery and five years or one lakh kilometres.

The company has designed the NeEV Tez keeping in mind the business owners. So that it can be facilitated, along with this, the company plans to launch 2,000 neEV Tez in Bengaluru in the first phase. For which the company is used in every city where they are used. It is running with the target of installing 100 e-pumps, which the company will start from Bangalore.

Altigreen has designed this three-wheeler cargo electric vehicle keeping the country’s roads and temperature in mind. The company has introduced this cargo EV in three variants (High Deck, Low Deck and Tej).

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