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Electric Citroen e-C3 launch in January next year

A new electric car can soon be launched in the Indian market by the French car company Citroën. The company has given this information. A lot of work has been done by the company on the cost of the car as well as what capacity battery will be given in it. We are providing its information in this news.

The first electric car will come.

The market for electric vehicles is continuously growing in India. Many companies are constantly introducing EVs. In this sequence, preparations are now being made by the French car company Citroën to present the first electric car in the Indian market. According to the company, the car can be introduced early next year.

Know about battery

According to the information, the company can provide a 30.2 kWh battery in C3EV. It may contain LFP cells. An AC charger of 3.3 kW can also be given in the car. Latest car News Apart from this, the car will also support fast charging. If a battery of this capacity is given in the car, it will give a better range than Tata’s Tiago in the Indian market. The company offers a 24KWH battery in Tiago, which offers a range of 315 km of Tiago MIDC on a single charge.

car price

The biggest challenge for the company will be regarding the cost of the car. According to the information, the company is working a lot on this. The electric C3 is expected to be around Rs 10 lakh. The ex-showroom price of its petrol variant starts from Rs 5.88 lakh. At the same time, the ex-showroom price of its top variant is Rs 6.80 lakh.


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