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Design and Specifications Comparison: Toyota Innova Hycross vs XUV700, Safari, and Hector Plus

The Innova Hycross is the greatest and tallest and has the biggest wheelbase compared to SUVs like the Safari, XUV700, and Hector Plus.

In terms of their designs, drivetrains, and feature sets, Innova Hycross and Crysta were poles apart from each other. After all, modernization triumphs over antiquated technology. With an FWD configuration and a TNGA unibody basis, Innova Hycross is more lightweight and more affluent.

Compare it to contemporary monocoque 7-seater SUVs such as the XUV700, Safari, and Hector Plus. Despite being an MPV, the Innova Hycross’ price will probably be comparable to those of the previously stated SUVs. In light of this, watching how Innova Hycross performs compared to these SUVs will be fascinating.

Opponents vs Innova Hycross

Toyota has done an excellent job at concealing the Hycross’ MPV-profile in regard to appearance. The front has been designed fairly vigorously, which has a minor resemblance to Toyota’s global SUV layout aesthetic. However, the Safari has the appearance of an SUV the most because it is highly intimidating and exudes a “get out of my way” attitude.

With a diameter of 4,755mm, Innova Hycross is the largest of all in terms of measurements. Hector Plus comes close with 4,720mm, XUV700 is longer at 4,696mm, and Safari is longer at 4,661mm. With a width of 1,894mm, Safari is the broadest vehicle, trailed by the XUV700 (1,890mm), Hycross (1,845mm), and Hector Plus (1,835mm).

Hycross stands at 1,795mm, which is the most height for an MPV. This elevation solely applies to the VX trim; the G and GX and the ZX and ZX (O) trims are all 1.785″ tall. At 1,786mm, Safari is the second-tallest. The most extended wheelbase is found in the Hycross at 2,850mm, trailed by the XUV700 and Hector Plus at 2,750mm and the Safari at 2,741mm.

Engines & Components

Only Safari lacks a combustion powertrain; Hycross does not need a diesel combustion chamber. Both propulsion systems are available in the XUV700 and Hector Plus. However, only the Hycross has a potent hybrid drivetrain on top-spec vehicles. Beginning with the Hycross comes with a CVT transmission and a 2.0-litre TNGA petrol engine with 171.6 horsepower and 205 Nm of torque.

Toyota’s fifth-generation robust hybridization produces 183.8 horsepower, 188 Newton metres of performance, and 206 Newton metres of acceleration from the power source when connected to an e-drive with a progressive transmission. The 2.0L TGDi petrol turbine in the XUV700 produces 197 bhp and 380 Nm, while the 2.2L CRDi diesel generator can produce up to 182 bhp and 420 Nm. Both manual and automated system transmissions are available with petrol and diesel engines.

A single 2.0L diesel generator with 168 horsepower and 350 Nm is available in Safari, and both automated and manual gearboxes are available. Hector Plus has two engines: a 2.0L diesel engine with 168 horsepower and 350 Nm and a 1.5L turbocharged gasoline engine with 141 bhp and 250 Nm (same as Safari). Diesel engine models only have a mechanical option; petrol engine variations have both conventional and automated options.

The XUV700 is the only feature-rich device with simultaneous 10.5″ monitors. A 14″ panoramic touchscreen will be available in the forthcoming Hector. ADAS technologies are available from XUV700 and Hycross, and Safari and Hector will undoubtedly get them soon. The Hycross has the largest cabin with motorized ottomans for the second-row seats.


There is a spectacular sunroof on every car. The perforated front seats in the XUV700 are absent. The rest provide front seats with ventilation. On Gold Edition models, Safari takes a step further and adds circulation for the back seats. Only the Safari Gold Edition has actual leather seats available. The only vehicle with an AWD option is the XUV700.

We cannot evaluate Innova Hycross’ economic argument because the pricing has yet to be released. Nevertheless, the XUV700, Hector Plus, and Safari pricing range from Rs. 13.45 to 24.95 lakh, Rs. 14.93 lakh to 21.19 lakh, and Rs. 15.45 to 23.76 lakh, respectively (all prices ex-sh). The Innova Hycross Hybrid is expected to cost between Rs 25 lakh and Rs 30 lakh.


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