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Crash test of Hyundai’s Ionic 6 Electric, know how much better it is in terms of safety

South Korean car company Hyundai has introduced the new electric car Ionic-6. Recently its crash test was done by EuroNCAP. After this test, how many stars did Ionic-6 get in terms of safety and how safe is it for adults and children? We are giving you this information in this news.

Hyundai’s Ionic-6 crash test was done some time back by Euro NCAP. In this test, the electric sedan car Ionic-6 performed well in terms of safety. Due to this, it got full five stars on the crash test. The company also showcased this car at Auto Expo 2023.

According to the results after the crash test, this car is 97 per cent safe for adults and 87 per cent for children. Apart from this, it also gives 66 per cent safety to road users; in the case of safety assistance, this car scored 90 per cent marks.

In the case of adults, the car scored 15.5 per cent out of 16 in the frontal impact test. While it scored 15.9 out of 16 in the lateral impact test, 3.5 out of four in the rear impact and two in the rescue and extrication test.

The car also scored 24 out of 24 in the frontal and lateral impact test for child protection between the ages of six to 10 years. Regarding child safety features, the car scored 7 out of 13 and 12 out of 12 in the CRS Installation Check test.

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