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Coming soon, the Mercedes E-Class selfie car with Tik Tok and luxury cabin

Today, more than one luxury car is available in the automobile market. Companies are working with a car -equipped cars. Recently luxury car manufacturer Mercedes unveiled its new model 2024 Mercedes E Class cabin. Everyone has been waiting for the 2024 Mercedes e-Class for a long time, what its cabin would be like, what would be new in this … Now all these questions have come to answer. He has also upgraded the features of his car. At the same time, the car will have to run with the partnership of Google and Mercedes Benz, and the vehicles will be equipped with easy, new technology. Let’s know what magnificent features will be seen in this car.

2024 Mercedes E-Class will be able to take selfie photos:

Mercedes – Benz has also added a selfie camera upgrading its features. Users can now do direct video conferencing through the camera installed in this car. You will also be able to take selfies with this camera, and different filters and setting options will also be given to you. You can customize the setting of the camera according to you.

Enjoy Tiktok in Mercedes E-Class:

The company says that after the launch, some initial customers will be given many app features like Zoom, Angry Birds, and Tick Talk. With the help of the infotainment system installed in this car, you can enjoy the video of Tiktok. A third party in the car system will install it.

3 display screen is used in the 2024 Mercedes E-Class:

It has a big ‘super screen’. Not only this, the features of audio-visual have been emphasized inside the new e-class, focusing more on advancing state-of-the-art technology. Apart from this, an MBUX super screen has been given in this luxury car. It comes with three screens. In which a driver display, one in the infotainment display and screen front passenger display have been given. MBUX Super Screen is based on MBUX hyper screen, which is available only at the top end.

Google and Mercedes Benz’s partnership will make a car easier to drive:

Mercedes-Benz has partnered with Google to develop branded navigation for its new MB.OS operating system, as this vehicle manufacturer wants to further build technology in its car.

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