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Citroen Will Release Two Additional Vehicles in 2023 and One Revolutionary Variant in 2024

The Indian market will receive three innovative domestically produced automobiles from French carmaker Citroen in 2023–2024. This year, the business will introduce two new vehicles, one of which is the battery powered C3 hatchback. Citroen is also creating two new vehicles as part of its C-Cubed initiative.



A brand-new 7-seat utilitarian automobile is now being tested by Citroen on Indian streets. According to rumours, it will be modelled on the C3 hatchback and go by the name Citroen C3 Aircross. The larger Citroen automobiles sold in international markets, such as the C3 and UV, served as inspiration for the UV’s styling. Although the manufacturing vehicle might have 16-inch wheels, the one that was sighted has 17-inch wheels.


The Maruti Ertiga, Suzuki XL6, and Kia Carens will be competitors for the 3-row UV. The Renault Triber’s sales may potentially be impacted. Upholstery design elements with the C3 hatchback are probably shared. Most probably, the 1.2-liter 3-cylinder accelerated combustion engine will propel the 7-seater SUV.



In February 2023, the French carmaker will introduce the C3 compact in India as an all-electric vehicle. The new car, known as the Citroen eC3, will start taking reservations on January 22, 2023. Although it resembles the normal version primarily, the EV lacks an exhaust and a redesigned recharging outlet that is situated on the frontal fender. The middle panel and driving controller have been updated within the interior of the electrified car.


The 29.2kWh rechargeable battery that powers the revolutionary Citroen eC3 is a Svolt product. It has a built-in 3.3kW AC converter and supports CCS2 rapid charging. The front-mounted electronic powertrain, which generates 57 horsepower and 143 Nm of torque, receives electricity from the batteries.




According to reports, the business is creating an entirely redesigned SUV for the Indian industry. This would compete with vehicles including the Toyota Hyryder, Maruti Grand Vitara, Hyundai Creta, and Kia Seltos, among several. The dimension of the upcoming SUV is predicted to be about 4.3 metres. In comparison to its immediate competitors, it is anticipated to be much less expensive. The Stellantis’ CMP (Common Modular Platform), which also supports the C3 hatchback, will serve as the foundation for the next Citroen SUV.


It is anticipated to borrow design elements from the C4 Cactus, which is offered in foreign countries. The 1.2-liter pumped internal combustion engine that will propel the newly designed SUV is expected to produce close to 130 horsepower.


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