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Citroen EC3 When will it be launched? Will Tiago become the cheapest EV by Tata? Know everything

The EC3 will be launched as the first electric car from Citroën. According to media reports, the company can launch it by the middle of February. However, no official information has been given by the company yet.

Bookings are on for the Citroën EC3. It can be booked both offline or online. The company started booking for this in late January. Currently, Citroën’s electric car can be booked for just Rs 25,000.

According to media reports, the company can offer a very attractive price. In the market, it will be challenged by Tata Tiago, which costs Rs 8.49 lakh. According to reports, the starting price of EC3 could be around the price of Tiago.

It will get a 26 cm Citroën Connect touchscreen with wireless screen mirroring. Apart from this, it has been given 35 smart features which can be used through the Citroën app. For driving, it will get two modes as Eco and Standard. The car will be made available in four monotones and nine dual-tone colours. In the interior too, there will be an option to choose one in Orange and Gray colours.

In this, a 29.2 kWh battery will be given by the company. The battery will be a high-energy density lithium-ion battery which will be naturally air-cooled. It will take 10.30 hours to charge the battery from 10-100 per cent with a 15 amp plug, while it can be charged from 10 to 100 per cent in just 57 minutes via DC fast charging.

The EC3 will be powered by the company’s Permanent Magnet Syncrorier motor, giving the car 57 PS and 143 Newton meters of torque. The car can run at a maximum speed of 107 kilometres per hour through this motor. At the same time, the car will achieve a speed of 60 kilometres from zero in just 6.8 seconds.

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