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Citroën C3 electric confirmed for India, will be named eC3, will compete with Tiago EV

Car manufacturer Citroen will soon launch the electric version of its C3. The senior management of the company has confirmed this. C3 Electric will be launched in January next year. This car will be an essential product for electric vehicle buyers as an extension of options. The C3 Electric will compete with the Tata Tiago EV that was launched recently. The features and other details of this car have yet to be disclosed.

What will be the range?

A 30.2kWh battery pack can be found in the C3 EV, which will be quite powerful for this car. The car will also support fast charging, as it is expected to get a good range, around 300 kilometres or more.

How will the look be?

Talking about the look or style, the C3 EV will get little change from the petrol C3. Minor changes are expected in this. The interior will be almost the same except for the gearbox change.


Citroën is likely to introduce the C3 EV at an aggressive price point with a slight premium change over the petrol C3. According to estimates, its price can be around 12 lakh rupees. The company launched the C3 a few months ago with the turbo petrol and the naturally aspirated 1.2L in a 5-speed and 6-speed manual. While in the EV version, the C3 is expected to get an automatic torque converter option and a manual gearbox, which will not be an AMT.

Other cars will also be launched.

Other features on the Citroen C3 include a rear wiper and many more. The company will bet big with the EV version of the C3 in India and is expecting a good response from the market. Along with this, Citroen will soon expand its portfolio by launching other products in the country. The company is preparing a three-row crossover for the Indian market as its new product.


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