Electric sedan car seal information from BYD has been made public through the website. The company showcased this sedan car at Auto Expo 2023 as well. But then the information about the car was kept from the company.

According to the company’s website, the electric car’s motor will be very powerful. Through this, the car can be taken from zero to 100 kilometres in just 3.8 seconds. The company has also done its moose test at a speed of 83.5 kilometres per hour. The company has given 82 kWh battery in it. Due to this, the car can run for about 700 kilometres on a single charge.

The biggest feature of this car is that the company has fitted its battery into the body of the car itself. The company calls this cell body technology. Developed as a sandwich structure, fitting the battery inside the Seal’s body has significantly improved its handling, performance, safety and stability. The car frame will have a tray at the bottom with the binder, cell, binder and upper cover of the integrated battery at the top.

Apart from the car’s battery and motor, the company has also paid much attention to its design. Due to this, its capacity will also be much better. The company is told that its handling will also be very good and special technology has been given in it, due to which the vibration in the car will also be reduced considerably. So that every

Besides being an electric car, safety will also be very good. The biggest safety risk in any electric vehicle is the battery. If an accident happens, the battery causes more damage, but fitting the battery to the body will increase safety in this car. Its protection will increase up to 50% during a frontal impact and up to 45% during a side impact.

The company introduced this electric sedan during the Auto Expo 2023. Now the company plans to launch it in India during the festive season, i.e. in October 2023. Along with this, its delivery will also be started only then. It is expected that the company can start booking it three-four months before the launch in October.

BYD’s Seal is a premium electric sedan car, which the company will present in the last quarter of this year. The company has not given information about its price, but it can challenge cars like Mercedes’ EQS range of electric sedans in the market.

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