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BMW is bringing colour changing car; See Details

The automobile industry is constantly changing and introducing new technologies, making the customers’ driving experience more innovative, convenient, and beneficial. In this sequence, Germany’s luxury car manufacturer BMW introduced a colour-changing car whose colour can be changed with just one touch.

The German car manufacturer has shared information about its colour-changing car through social media. In its tweet, BMW gave the information that the car’s colour can be changed with just one button touch. With E Ink technology, the BMW ix Flow car can change its colour instantly.

More information about this car has not been revealed yet, but it has been known that it can be changed into colours like white, black and grey.

BMW has also revealed the colour-changing process of this car. The company says that this is a process controlled by an electric signal. This is known as electrophoretic technology. No separate power is required for this. Different colour pigments have been given on its surface, due to which the colour of the entire vehicle can be changed. The company’s Group Design Chief Adrian Van said this BMW ix Flow is an advanced research project.

Its use will be a significant task according to different seasons. For example, if the car’s colour is white in summer, it will not observe much sunlight, while in winter, by darkening this colour, the car’s cabin can be heated quickly in the sunlight.



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