Germany’s luxury car manufacturer BMW has introduced the world’s first colour-changing car.

BMW introduced this colour-changing car at the Consumer Electronics Show 2023 (CES 2023) held in Las Vegas. The company also displayed this car at this fair last year, which has been showcased again.

BMW introduced the colour-changing car at CSE 2023 (CES 2023) and was named BMW i-Vision DEE. It is a concept electric car showcased by BMW with the tagline ‘less is more’. This electric concept car has 240 e-ink panels installed so that this car can change 32 colours.

Along with changing 32 colours, another feature of this electric car is its driving range; according to reports, it can give a driving range of 500 to 700 kilometres once fully charged. For this car, the company will use a fast charger instead of the normal charger so that this car can be charged in a few minutes.

According to the information received from the model of this concept electric car by BMW, the company will give a large luxury cabin in which hi-tech features will be added. It will be given a full touchscreen dashboard with features like a large size head-up display, a 16-inch touchscreen infotainment system, AI, and voice commands can be included.

The company still needs to give information about the launch of the colour-changing car. Still, according to reports, the company may introduce this colour-changing technology in its new class EV in 2025.


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