A new version of the Bentayga has been introduced in the Indian market by Bentley. The company has brought an extended version of Bentayga. This version will have more space than the regular Bentayga, providing more comfort during travel.

Bentayga is also offered for sale by Bentley, but now the company has also introduced its extended version. Compared to the regular Bentayga, its wheelbase has increased to 3175 cm instead of 2995 cm. That is, now it is 180 mm bigger than normal. After the increase, its overall length has become 5322 mm.

The company has offered new seats in the Bentayga. According to the company, these are the most modern seats ever. These can be adjusted in 22 ways. Apart from this, the world’s first auto climate sensing system and climate-changing technology have also been given. Through the auto climate sensing system, the car automatically helps set the car’s temperature according to the passenger’s body temperature. On the other hand, the seat can be adjusted according to the body contours of the occupant through advanced changing technology, which further enhances comfort during the journey. Along with this, 16 adjustments have been given to increase comfort, which includes heating, ventilation and five types of massage programs.

Two better specifications of the Bentayga Extended Wheelbase have been made available by the company since its launch. These include 22-inch 10-spoke tyres, bright lower bumper grilles, Azure embroidery and badging. Also, additional features include custom-made quilted seats, mood lighting, heated steering wheel.

Bentley has allowed its customers to change the car’s interior as per their choice. This makes this car one of the most customized cars in the world.

The new Bentayga is powered by a four-litre, 32-valve twin-scroll turbocharged V8 petrol engine from Bentley. Due to this, the car gets 542 bhp and 770 newton meters of torque. Thanks to such a powerful engine, the car takes only 4.6 seconds to accelerate from zero to 100 kilometres. Its top speed is 290 kilometres per hour.

According to the information received from the company, now the extended wheelbase Bentayga can be ordered in India as well. The company has fixed its ex-showroom price of Rs 6 crore, but the price may increase accordingly after getting customized.

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