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Auto Expo 2023: Maruti Suzuki showcases WagonR Flex Fuel; see the details

At the Auto Expo 2023, Maruti Suzuki displayed the flex fuel prototype of its best-selling hatchback WagonR. Earlier, in December 2022, this model was displayed at the SIAM Ethanol Technology Exhibition. According to Maruti, Suzuki Motor Corporation assisted in designing and developing the WagonR flex-fuel model. This hatchback prototype can run on a blend of ethanol and gasoline. Its range is reportedly between 20% (E20) to 85%. (E85).

A 1.2L gasoline engine with naturally aspirated combustion powers the Maruti WagonR Flex Fuel prototype. It has a flexible fuel range of E20 to E85. 88.5 horsepower and 113 Nm of torque are produced by its gasoline engine. Maruti Suzuki modified its petrol engine to prevent the corrosive properties of ethanol. Additionally, the motor receives new fuel system innovations like a heated fuel rail for cold start assistance and an ethanol sensor to monitor the quantity of ethanol in the gasoline. Updates have been made to the fuel injectors, pump, and other parts of the engine control system. Its powertrain likewise complies with all BS6 Phase II emission criteria. A 5-speed manual gearbox is included with the prototype.

According to the manufacturer, the WagonR fueled by ethanol can lower tailpipe emissions by up to 79% compared to the standard ICE-powered model. It will have similar power and performance similar to the conventional gasoline variant.

Maruti Suzuki has confirmed that its first flex-fuel model will come in the compact segment and be launched by 2025. If media reports are to be believed, the company’s entire product lineup will be E20-compliant by March 2023. Maruti Suzuki will also expand its CNG product portfolio in the country. With this, the company will bring strong hybrid models and pure-electric vehicles in the coming years.


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