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Audi Activesphere concept to be unveiled on January 26

Audi has released another teaser of its high-riding four-door coupe concept, the Activesphere. The new teaser shows a top roof and a bottom view of the concept, which will be unveiled on January 26, 2023. The new angle reveals a few more design details of the concept.

It has a glass roof design extending from the windshield’s base to the C-pillar. The model also gets carriers for skis on the roof, while the rear deck gets a wood finish. Other details include prominent wheel-arch flares, red seat upholstery, and Audi logos at the front and rear.

These new details add to the previous teasers of the Activesphere concept that reveal the final model to be a high-riding four-door coupe.

Audi has yet to confirm any mechanic features of the new Activesphere, though the model is likely based on the company’s upcoming Premium Platform Electric (PPE) architecture. The new architecture is expected to debut with the upcoming A6 and Q6 e-Tron models and will offer greater scalability and performance than the existing EV platform used by the company.

Activesphere concept: battery size, power

Although Audi has stated that the battery capacity is anticipated to be larger than 80kWh, the Activesphere’s battery sizes have yet to be made public. This vehicle will have a range of about 310 miles.

Powertrain specifications for Audi’s concepts range from 400 horsepower and 689 pound-feet of torque for the Urbansphere to 721 horsepower and 960 pound-feet of torque for the Grandsphere.

At Audi’s “Celebration of Progress” event, the Activesphere will have its official public premiere.



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