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Apple Electric Car Launch Timeline & Price Revealed – All Details

Preparations are being made to bring an electric car from the American company Apple. The company has given a big update on the launch and price of the vehicle. It has been told by the company when the car will be introduced and at what price the car can be bought.

When will Apple’s electric car come?

According to media reports, the project of the electric car has been being worked on by Apple for a long time. The project has been named Titan by the company. The company has made a big announcement regarding Apple Titan. The company has said that the car can now be introduced by 2026. Earlier, the vehicle was expected to be launched by 2025.

What is the reason for the delay?

According to media reports, the organizers of this project of Apple believe that it is only possible to prepare a self-driving car with steering and pedals in the present time. Preparing such a car in such a situation may take more time. Apart from this, the company also wants to do without after the launch of their Tesla; there will be significant problems due to the new self-driving technology.

Some people left the project.

According to media reports, some of the key people in the team that made Apple’s car had left the group. The departure of essential people from the project has also affected the plans for the mass production of the car. However, the company also hired former Lamborghini executive Luigi Taraborelli. But now, there is a discussion within the company that it will only be possible to bring Apple’s car after 2026.

What will be the price?

According to media reports, Apple’s first electric car could cost around one lakh US dollars. This is a little more than about 82 lakh rupees in Indian currency.


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