According to a recent claim on the internet, Renault and Nissan are anticipated to make a significant announcement regarding their future investments in India soon. It further mentions that an about 500 million USD (4,000 crores) investment is close to being approved and that the resources will be focused on developing the CMF-B architecture in India.

As a result, just like Skoda and Volkswagen did as part of the India 2.0 initiative, Renault and Nissan will take advantage of the platform’s modular and adaptable design to regionally extend each company’s portfolio. According to reports, the next-generation Duster, the nameplate that significantly improved Renault’s brand image, will also be made possible by the increased investments.

The Duster was one of the first SUVs to realise the possibilities of the contemporary midsize sector fully. Currently, Nissan and Renault’s vehicles employ the CMF-A and M0, although the ageing M0 won’t be around for very long as it only supports the meh Kicks. The CMF-B architecture is, therefore, very important to the alliance.

It will enable Renault and Nissan to place their new models in premium segments with various body types and sizes while obtaining economies of scale to offer them at reasonable prices. The next-generation Duster and a larger midsize SUV for Renault based on the Bigster concept will both be built on the extensively localised CMF-B platform.

Almost two years ago, Dacia, a sibling brand of Renault, debuted the Bigster concept. It is built on the extended CMF-B modular platform, which was most recently used by the Renault Clio V. The market for midsize three-row SUVs is undoubtedly expanding, so Renault may take advantage of this by releasing a seven-seat version of the future Duster.

The Mahindra XUV700, Tata Safari, MG Hector Plus, and Hyundai Alcazar could be competitors, though it’s too soon to tell. The next-generation Duster might eventually give rise to a Nissan derivative and possibly even a seven-seater version. At the moment, all eyes are on the forthcoming Duster, which is anticipated to debut between 2024 and 2025.


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